wiaw #3 a new Wednesday … non-stop!

OMG, this week has flown by. This saturday I will have my last exam for the semester and this last week I have been studying and preparing some issues.

Another big event for me this week is I finally started my “project” again!  I am super stoked to be back. In short I will tell you some more details about it. ;P

So enough about my “fun” week and on to the eats.  Be sure to check out the WIAW party over at Peas and Crayons for tons of inspiring eats!

Well, let’s get started! Today has been a full day. A lot of work in the office, I have been studying in spare time, I have attended my second weekly English class and I went to see a football game at a bar. And these are the foods that have filled my stomach during the day.


I’m sorry, but it’s the same breakfast  that the last two weeks. The thing is… I’m loving it! 🙂

soy yogurt (flavored apricot), kiwi and muesli. – sorry, but it’s the same photo as before! –


Well, I have to say. My lunch today I love it. It was delicious. It was very delicious! Quinoa linguinis with carrot and arame. This dish goes straight to my favorites, of course. I am preparing a post with the recipe. I will publish it soon!

Mid-afternoon snack.

A simple snack, but delicious (and consistent!)  A banana and a piece of black chocolate.


Oh… dinner! I’m sorry but I couldn’t take any photo of my dinner. I went to the bar in order to see the football match (Madrid – Barça yeaaah!) and ate falafel to take away. The dish was very complete and I could only eat half! He had a lot of salad with croutons, tomato, olives, a corn tortilla and a lot of falafel … What I was saying …I could only eat half. I really, really sorry… but there wasn’t a good pic, so there isn’t a pic to show.

See you on the new post!

ah! I almost forgot! I have added a page where you can see the social networks you can find me!

Facebook Icon in 64x64 px Twitter Icon in 64x64 px Flickr Icon in 64x64 px Tumblr 2 Icon in 64x64 px



8 responses to “wiaw #3 a new Wednesday … non-stop!

  1. Nina the Heartbeat

    May I say the Quinoa linguinis looks very very good? It deserves to be tasted, someday!
    Good work, Keep on doing this, I like it… 😉


  2. Quinoa linguini? I have never heard of that, I’m guessing it’s a protein filled pasta – sounds awesome! I’ll be looking for that recipe! 😉

  3. Ditto Heather’s comment…Quinoa Linguini? Where do you find this? I love the healthy aspect of quinoa and would love that in a pasta form. It looks delicious and I wish you were packing my lunches 🙂

  4. I like this initiative! 🙂

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