wiaw #4

Hello world! Another wednesday, another wiaw! The best day for bloggers! 🙂

Well, I’m so sorry because I couldn’t take photos of all my meals.

I had breakfast very early because I went to the center for a meeting. An apple, a banana and an orange juice. That’s all.

When the meeting ended, I have gone to my home quickly, because I was very, very hungry; and a delicious dish was waiting for me! 🙂 Macaroni with broccoli, carrots and tofu.

After having lunch, return to work! I had a lot of work to do, and after that, I had my English class. So, not evening snack for today (I forgot it!) 😦

Time for having dinner! ;P It’s snowing here and it’s very, very cold… and what we cook when it’s cold? SOUP! A hot soup! 😛

Miso soup with fried tofu as starter and a vegan french omelette served with salad. (I’m sorry for the tablecloth!!! :P)

And to finish the day, I’m preparing a hot tea of vainille. Mmmmm…


2 responses to “wiaw #4

  1. ¡Ñam! La pasta con zanahoria y brócoli es uno de los platos preferidos de mi peque ¡y míos!

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