weekend breakfast!

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.

So, I try that breakfasts are complete and nutritious. I try that my breakfast contains, a serving of cereal, protein and fruit and/or vegetable. I like to vary the breakfast. The key is to not fall into the routine.

Here I show you the breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. They are very similar but with different flavors.

Saturday: One slice of homemade bread (cereal) with peanut butter (protein). Accompanied with two kiwi and apricots (fruit).

Sunday: One slice of homemade grain bread  (cereal) with homemade black olives pate. Served with kiwi and pear (fruits) with chopped almonds (proteins).

Always accompany it with an infusion or tea.

As you can see these two similar options are easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious.



2 responses to “weekend breakfast!

  1. Your breakfasts look a lot healthier than mine :). Looks good!

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