wiaw #7: playing for changes.

Hello my friends!

It’s wednesday again, the day for bloggers! I think there are a lot of bloggers that every week we are waiting for wednesday! mjiji It’s amazing!.

Well, well… Today my breakfast has been different, not soy yogurt, not muesli… Why? I don’t know,  I try to change my meals and not to fall into the routine… It’s more funny to try new things, then every day is different! Furthermore, I think that we have to obey our body – because our body knows what we need every moment -, and sometimes our body asks for something different. Do not think the same?

As was I saying, my breakfast has been a little bit different. Brown croissant stuffed with vegan chesse, fried onion and green shoots (i think it’s the correct word!). And also (not pictured),  a cup of oatmeal drink with cocoa.

For my mid-morning snack; a banana and a red tea, that I forgot to take the photo…! 😦

Time to have lunch… For today, a delicious salad that contains cous-cous, purple cabbage, fried tofu, corn and carrots! If you love salads, you can taste it! Believe me! 🙂

Let me explain you a couple of things. First of all, I have gone to an eco shop to buy carob flour in order to cook a new cake. I have a new recipe and I want to try it! I’ll share with you soon! I promise!

And the second thing that I wanted to show you. My snack!. 😛 I ate it before my English class. Brown rye bread with PB and kiwi.

Finally, my dinner. Chard, onion and chickpeas.



5 responses to “wiaw #7: playing for changes.

  1. Your eats look delicious! Especially that rye bread with PB….anything spread with nut butter is immediately tasty in my mind 🙂 I just discovered your blog and I am very glad I did!

  2. I agree, definitely best to give your body what it wants, and vary things up!! 🙂
    I haven’t had a croissant in the longest time, hmm..

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