My life and the Versatile Blogger Award!

Hi friends! How are you?

I hope that your week had been very productive!

Well, I have some things to explain you. 🙂

After 4 years working in my current job, I can say that I’m very happy to be here. Really. When I started here, I was lost and I didn’t know if I was in the right way. Then, time goes by with a lot of differents situations, and not all good. And now, I have more stability and I’m very happy with it. Friends, I think I can say: I love my work. 🙂 You may be wondering: what job? Well, I’m the Marketing Responsable in Spain from a American Multinational. 🙂

And yesterday, the new semester of the University begans. Yes, I’m studying a degree at a distance, too. Sometimes, it can seems a hard work (combine work and studies) but I like my degree and I like my work, so… is difficult but has a reward.


Well, all this to simply say that I am very happy with my current professional situation. I think I’m a lucky girl.

More things!

A few days ago, I had a nice surprise. My blog received the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks to Nina and Rachel for nominating me. It’s the 2nd award for my blog, and I’m very glad for it. Really. Thanks, thanks a lot!

Now, according to the VBA blog, I am supposed to tell them 7 things about myself, so here I go:

1. I’m falling in love with 2 cities: Kyoto and Copenhague. They’re differents but I love them. I don’t mind to live there.

2. I love tattoos. It’s a way that I love to share and remind the greatest things in my life. Now, I have 6, and I’m working in the design of the next 4.

3. Nika changed my life. Nika is my life.

4. I need music in my life. I grew up sorrounded of music. I thank to my father for the musical culture that he offered me. The best gift that he gave to me was a Queen Live.

5. As a child, I was never a conventional child. Neither wanted to be. I was always the strange of the group. But for me, the others were strange.

6. My husband is my best friend, partner and lover. The better half exists.. He is the best thing that ever happened in life. I am appalled at the idea of not having him by my side someday. We are totally opposed, and I think that’s what most unites us.

7. I’m very, very fanatic of Johnny Depp. I’m just going to the cinema to watch his movies .

Finally I nominate another 10 blogs:

  1. Sandra and Kathy’s Corners
  2. Veggie Angie
  3. Vegan on the GoGo
  4. Turtle Speed Runner
  5. Peas & Crayons
  6. Fueled by Salad
  7. Not So Domesticated
  8. Life After Swimming
  9. Oh Gnome!
  10. La Bruja Vegana

Not all of these blogs are vegan. But everyone is talking about food, but not only focus on food. They speak of many things. And they are chosen for this reason.


I hope you to take a look and that you enjoy your visit!


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