juicy jones!.

Hi everyone!! 🙂

I know… long time no upload, but I have excuse. I’m very busy and the last week I were in Paris with my family for Easter. 🙂 But, I’m here again, and I have some posts to update. 🙂

Today I had lunch with two good & nice friends; Loli & Mawy. They’re so lovely! It has been a funny lunch… and the dishes…mmm omfg… all the dishes were delicious!.

We had been at Juicy Jones. It’s a vegan restaurant in Barcelona. Offers a special meal of the day that includes a soup with bread, a sample plate various small vegan dishes, and a dessert. Also serves seitan, tofu, vegetable sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts, juices, teas. It’s amazing! It’s colorful and i love the funky atmosphere.  🙂

Well, my starter was a cous-cous salad with a apple and lime vinagrette. Fresh and delicious.


After the salad, I had a carrot cake, olive’s pate, vegetables and pesto sauce.


Finally, the dessert; a vegan-delicious chocolate cake, but i’m sorry, there’s no pic! 😦 It looked very tasty and can’t waiting for the pic. Oops!

I also took a grapefruit and orange juice. This restaurant has an incredible range of juices and smoothies, these are his specialty.

Delicious food and excellent company!

I promise I will update very, very soon! 🙂


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