Sant Jordi!

Hi people! 🙂

Today is a special day here in Catalonia. Today is Sant Jordi.

The St. Jordi’s Day commemorates the death of this saint, on April 23 in 303. It’s traditionally a day in the Catalan couples, are given a rose and a book.

The day has a vindictive nature of Catalan culture and many balconies are decorated with the flag. Throughout Barcelona sold books and roses, but La Rambla is where the event reaches its peak. It is traditional to promote the sale of books with signatures of the authors and with a reduction in selling price. The libraries near Catalonia Square are overcrowded, and they open even if it Sunday. There are poetry readings or excerpts from books, and theaters and halls have special promotions. There are stands with political demands, to help humanitarian organizations to raise funds for schools or just to get some extra money. The media do live broadcasts from the focal points. But above all we should mention the festive atmosphere generated by the day. Floral Games (Jocs Florals) are held in schools,libraries, activities and concerts added to the busy streets of the city’s cultural calendar.


Did you know St. Jordi’s Day in Barcelona? I love this day!! Really, it’s a beautiful day. 🙂

To end the day, I have cooked a rissotto with veggies, curry flavoured. (sorry for the pic!)

I’d like to thank you all the new followers. I know that there are a lot of people reading my posts. Thank you very much!
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See you soon!! 🙂

2 responses to “Sant Jordi!

  1. Qué divertido, no conocía esta celebración! 🙂
    Qué pinta tiene ese risotto!!!!!

    ( /

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