lovely days!

hello! how are you?

I have been on vacation the last four days, and I have  taken the opportunity to do a lot of things! 🙂

The first days have been some familiar days but the last two days have been amazing! A lot of sun, laughs, friends… (maybe you have seen some photo at twitter)

Monday, we were at Pals. Pals is a medieval town in Catalonia, a few kilometres from the sea in the heart of the Bay of Emporda on the Costa Brava.

We could enjoy a lovely weather there. Our dogs enjoyed the beach a lot! 🙂

After the beach, we went for a walk. It’s a nice place to walk and disconnect. We found a little restaurant with lovely views. We shared a veggie-paella with Ahlai. What do you think about it? It looked delicious (and it tasted, too!)

And today (Tuesday) we have gone to take some drinks on a terrace of a vegetarian restaurant in Sabadell called La Capella. I have not been able to eat there, but I have really wanted to go, and when I go, I will give a review, I promise! 😉

Well, during these days I have been thinking about food. Healthy food is very important for me, and lately, I don’t eat right. Too much lunchs/dinners out of home. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when I have to eat outside. The last years I have seen that people don’t eat as good as it must. The food is very greasy, very little greens, too much animal protein…

Are you agree? What do you think about it?


See you on the next post!


2 responses to “lovely days!

  1. ¡Qué bien que vienen siempre unas vacaciones!!! 🙂

    Una consulta: Tenés habilitado solamente para hacer comentarios registrándote mediante Twitter, Facebook o WordPress, ¿es porque lo querés así? Porque a mí por ejemplo, que tengo blogger, me gustaría tener la opción libre de poner mi nombre, mi blog y comentar, y de esta forma tengo que hacerlo ingresando con Facebook…

    • Si, unas vacaciones sientan de maravilla!!

      Lo que me comentas de los comentarios, lo voy a mirar para permitir que se pueda comentar desde otras vias!

      Gracias por avisar! 🙂

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