new stuff of Bento&co!

Yesterday, new stuff of Bento&co arrived! I love this online shop! I’m blissfully happy!!

Bento&Co is an online shop who sells beautiful bento boxes and accessories related to the Japanese lunch boxes in particular, but also everything we find fun and useful from Japan.

Well, some of you know my love for Japan. I love the streets, the temples, people… I don’t know …. I love all of Japan! I’m a Japan-addict!

At the beginning of July I ordered some new stuff. I had ordered some stuff before and I’m very happy with the shop.

Well, I’d better keep my mouth shut and I’m going to show you my new stuff!!

I can’t wait to use all the articles that I have bought!

This time, I want to highlight the homemade fat-free potato chips. I love it! With Chips Maker, you can slice and cook potatoes and so that it turn out crisp and delicious, without using a drop of added fat!

See you on the next post!! 


8 responses to “new stuff of Bento&co!

  1. ¡Hola! Me encanta tu blog, pero desde que escribes solo en ingles apenas me entero de nada….jajajaja Echo de menos unas lineas en español. Aunque por las fotos mas o menos me entero. ¡Un abrazo!

  2. What fun! I love Japanese bento boxes and accesories.

  3. Like this Bento site ^_^

  4. Ohhh, ¡me encanta todo! La bandeja del sushi, la caja bento negra con flores… Yo es que mejor no miro estas tiendas, porque si no me pierdo, ¡jaja! 🙂

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