My first 5k race!

Good morning!

As I told you in last posts, yesterday was a special day for me. I joined to my first 5k race! I’m very proud of myself. I went with sister-in-law, Ahlai, who is a great runner!

Well, for me it wasn’t easy but I’m happy ‘because I finished the race – I was running the most part of the time, only I reduced the pace in the km 3.

The experience was awesome, ’cause it’s a way to know your physical condition a little bit more, and how to improve it.

Now, I guess that I need to train a lot more in order to improve my results. This time I ran the 5k in 33minutes. I know it could be better, and for that, i’m going to train hard.

And, since I think that this kind of races are a good way to train, I’m going to join in another race, this time at the end of October. A new goal for this month.


Are you going to participate in a race soon?



4 responses to “My first 5k race!

  1. jessielovestorun

    Congratulations on finishing your first 5k hunnie, and also for signing up for another race! 🙂

  2. ^_^ yes you should be proud of yourself as it is a big goal!! Well done girl! Up to the next 6K!!

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