little things.

Hello everybody!

How are you today?? We are very close to Friday! 🙂

These days are being so hard. Too much work in the office, and some other personal stuff that take up all my time.

Now, running is the best way to relax myself. My music, a way forward and me. That’s all. So, I went to run some miles after work.

These days I’m training for my next race. On Sunday October 28 will be held the 8th edition of “La Cursa de la Dona”, a race only for women. It’s a race celebrated in order to fight against the Breast Cancer.

The route – 6km – is through the beautiful streets of Barcelona and there are many women who participate in the race. It is much more than just a career.

Well, now i’d like to share with you what I ate today. Some people ask me about my meals and here are! As you can see, my meals are very easy to cook and my goal is to obtain all the necessary nutrients that my body needs. Remember; listen your body, eat clean and work hard.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the meals, do not hesitate to ask me! I’ll be happy to answer!

(In order of appearance: my lunch and my dinner.)

Have a nice day and see you soon!



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