Autumn Goals!

Hi! How are you today??

I’m here again to share with you my october goals! I know that we are in the middle of October, but never is too late to do it!

But, before showing my goals, I’d like to check my September goals.

September Goals

  • Mantain the good habits. –> Happy! I did it! It’s a lifestyle, hard but easy to keep it on.
  • Training for future races.  –> I participated in my first race at the end of September and I’m training for my second race at the end of October.
  • Lose at least 4lbs (2kg) by September 30th – Approx 1lb a week. Done! I’m on the right way!
  • Go for a walk on the weekends. Minimum 3km/walk (1mile) –> Not at all, but I did some walks after work.

Well, time for my autumn goals!

  • Sleep! –> need rest for muscle growth, in bed by 11pm-11:30pm on weeknights!
  • Water Intake! –> Increase greatly, at least 10 cups per day.
  • Clean Eating –> Stick to it, no cheats until the last weekend of November! (do better batch cooking/prep!)
  • Calculations –> Count calories, fat, sugar, carbs, protein on MyfitnessPal
  • Weights –> Lift heavy with low reps! (5-6 days per week)
  • Cardio –> 4 days per week at least!

What are yours?


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