89 Jean Bouin – 10K

Hello everybody!

I’m here again to share with you my last run!. It was the 89 Jean Bouin race what was celebrated in Barcelona.

My expectations were very normal and modest. It was the first time I ran 10K, so I wanted to finish the race in a worthy way, either running or walking.

I started in the green box and it took me almost 10 minutes to start, I seized this time to  continue my warm-up exercises. Finally, I began at 09h10m.
I kept a steady pace throughout the race, which allowed me to do my 10k in one go, in a good and satisfactory way.
The route was fairly flat until about km.8. In km9, the route had a 40º gradient but it wasn’t so hard as I thought.

My goal, at first, being a rookie in the running, was to finish the race in 1h: 15m at most, whether walking or running.
Result: I ran the 10k with no stops, my physical condition was excellent and I finished in 1h05m.

My goal achieved!
And now, thinking about breaking my time in December!

See you soon!!




One response to “89 Jean Bouin – 10K

  1. Am so happy that you enjoy running and that we can share our experiences! Yes you can beat up your record!! 😉

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