My bread machine.

I don’t remember if I had updated with a post about my bread machine. If not, today is the perfect moment. 😉

When I became vegan about 4 years ago, I realized that much bread I found in grocery stores or restaurants containing milk, butter or preservatives (E-xxx). And as I like to know what my body intakes, I decided to buy a bread machine. By chance, for Xmas, my father gave me a breadmaker. A simple bread machine, but with 10 different programs. But not just for bread. With it, besides knead, leaven and bake bread, also makes other bodies, such as pizza dough, biscuits, bread, yogurt, etc.. and even for the preparation of jams or other dishes, as it will not be a small oven with extra kneading function (solely or may be baked dough only).Althought the first attempts weren’t very easy, with time I have learned to cook my bread there.

Little by little, between the machine and I, emerged a lovely relationship, and nowadays I can’t live without it. My bread is healthier, without preservatives; how I want. 😉


Up to today, I have tried different types of bread, and as testing goes, I’d like to sharing them with you. While I’m writing this, my bread machine is working right now. For this week, I have chosen a simple whole-wheat rye bread.


Normally, I adapt all the recipes I find. So, if you have a recipe for these kind of machines, please share with me and I’ll be gathering here of course indicating who gives me the recipe.

Have you a nice day!



2 responses to “My bread machine.

  1. you can make yogurt in a bread machine? have you tried? home made yogurt is a lot of fun and really simple: I use a water bath in the oven to keep my yogurt warm but if you can use the bread machine it should be super easy!

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