International Day of Animal Rights

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Well, let’s start. As you know, this weekend I was in Madrid. And today is December 10. Today is the International Day of Animal Rights. For this reason, I went to Madrid. I was there. Yes, I’m the girl in the picture.

DIDA 2012

Coinciding with the International Day of Human Rights, Animal Equality celebrated the International Day of Animal Rights as they have done for several years, claiming that the same respect that we have for other humans is to be extended to other animals. More than a hundred Animal Equality activists from different parts of Spain and abroad, we held in our hands the carcasses of lambs, chickens, mink, pigs, dogs, fish, cats, foxes and rabbits that died on farms of animal exploitation.

Thus show the most painful face of animal consumption, giving the opportunity to reflect a society on the need to respect the animals of other species with whom we share the planet.

For me it was very hard. It was an act of great hardness, very emotional and magical. At the time that the organization placed the little pig in my hands, the tears began to fall steadily. I couldn’t stop. I felt powerless. I could only look at him and to apologize for being born in this world. I apologized for not doing more for him and many like him. When I realized, I was stroking him and promising that I would fight to improve the situation of all animals in the world. I tried to protect to him with my hands. I wanted to give him the love and security that the my little friend didn’t have in his short life. 

When the act was finished, I said him goodbye and I swore him, one more time, that I would fight for him. For him, and for the animals that have to live a crappy life.

Don’t forget, life is made for living, not for dying. Death is only the last stop of our trip, never the first stop.

Throughout the event there was a respectful silence, broken only by the descriptions that had been made ​​about the life and death of these individuals at the time lying lifeless in the hands of those who had decided to stop exploiting them and help them. Some activists could not hold back the tears of grief and emotion to have the body of a victim in their hands … tears that were infected with various people in the audience, who could understand the injustice of taking away the right to live in an animal.

Go vegan!


3 responses to “International Day of Animal Rights

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  2. Hi! I totally understand your feelings! I was at the Animal Equality demonstration in italy, rome! here are some of the pics I did!
    I wasn’t holding an animal I was just watching while other friends were actually holding them…still I was crying a lot too

  3. Retroenllaç: Photo Essay: Issue | paulthai

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