Runs & Kimbo!

Hello people!

How are you today??

This week is going so crazy and I don’t have too much time to update but… I’m here!

Well,… the last wednesday (26th), I ran a 10K race in Sabadell (a little city near Barcelona). This run was something new for me, since most of the track was dirt, and I’m more used to running on asphalt. But it was a good experience.

Surely, I’ll repeat next year. 🙂

My goal was to beat my own time but  although I improved in just a few seconds, I felt really good throughout the tour. I keep training.

January will be a great month for running, too. I have signed in on two new runs. In short, I will talk a little more about this. 😉

More things!

Today, I had lunch at Kimbo’s. It’s not a vegan restaurant, but Kimbo offers some vegan & vegetarians options. All the dishes that I could eat there are simply delicious. The restaurant is very young and the speciality is the Japanese cuisine. I ate gyozas filled with veggies and tofu (unpictured) and a delicious donburi (steamed rice with vegetables with soy sauce and tempura)


Smile and Until next time! 🙂


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