raw challenge for a day

Hello my friends!

In recent months, I have been thinking and learning about the raw diet. And really, this kind of diet is surprising me a lot. It’s wonderful! It’s a lovely way in order to feel great and live longer.

But, we have to try things to judge. For that reason, I have tried this diet for a day. I know a day it’s not enough, so I want to try for a month, as soon as possible.

Let me show my today’s meals.

I started my day with a green smoothie. Sorry, but I forgot to take the picture. The smoothie contained the following ingredients: 1 banana, 20 blueberries, 4 strawberries, and a bunch of spinaches. What can I say… delicious! 🙂

This kind of breakfast maintained my stomach full during the morning, so until the lunchtime I didn’t need to eat anything more. Full belly, full happiness.

Lunch time!!! A XXL Salad (greens, purple cabbage, 2 apples, 1 tomato, 1 carrot, 1 tsp of sunflower seeds and 1 tsp of olive oil)


I was very excited for my mid-afternoon snack. I couldn’t wait but I was a good girl and I waited until the afternoon. 😛 After preparing my breakfast, I “cooked” my mid-afternoon snack; my 1st raw strawberry cream pie!! It’s very, very easy to do, and it won’t be the last time I do. I’m going to repeat a lot of times. Easy and versatile. P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Absolutely.


I’m falling in love with this pie!!

To finish my day, I prepared some raw zuchini pasta with beet sauce. A big bowl of happiness.


Well, what can I say… it has been a glorious day. As I said at the beginning of the post, a day is not enough to judge this kind of diet; but the experience has been so good that I’m sure that I’m going to try it for a month. No doubt about it. I enjoyed a lot every meal, I have had a constant energy all day, without bumps. I felt very comfortable with my digestion. The last days, I have been adding more raw food on my meals, but now, I’ve decided to add more. During the day, I have not stopped thinking about new raw recipes … I could not stop thinking and creating!

I have decided to go Raw for 30 days. I don’t know when, but it will be very soon. I’ve always been interested in eating a raw diet, but never had the guts to completely jump in and do it. I was eating about 50% raw, I just needed the extra push to move to eating 100% raw vegan food. What I found is that eating raw is not only easy to do, but makes you feel amazing.
When you eat raw, you’re eating living food.

I keep you informed about my improvements in this kind of diet.

See you soon!!

I keep you informed about my improvement in this kind of diet.

See you soon!!


2 responses to “raw challenge for a day

  1. Nina the Heartbeat

    I can feel all the energy of the veggies you ate in your words! I am very happy this is working so well, and I love the way you do it as well as communicate it. Don’t stop it 😉

    • Really, I am totally falling in love with the raw diet! As you know, the days before my “experiment” I ate a lot of raw foods in order to prepare my body. And today, (a day after), I have checked some improvements on me. 🙂
      I’m very, very happy!
      The way I feel is so amazing, I had no idea I could feel this fantastic! The more you eat raw the more you want to learn.

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