An afternoon in Japanese style!

Hello everybody!! 🙂

How is going your weekend? I hope it will be good. If not, you have to smile… Believe me, smiling helps a lot. 🙂

Today, I attended a Japanese cooking course, thanks to Ahlai, who gave us this course last Christmas.. It’s a nice present! She knew that Jordi (my hubby) and I are very big fans of culture and Japanese cuisine, and she thought that this present was perfect for us! It is! The course was very funny and interesting. There, Eduardo, our Brazilian teacher, told us some interesting tips of Sushi and the Japanese culture. I love Japan and the Japanese culture, so this afternoon I could remember my Japanese trip.
We learned about how to cook rice in Japanese style, some tricks to learn and improve technique, how to prepare a handmade dressing for rice, where to find good japanese products in Barcelona, and lovely places and restaurants to enjoy the japanese cuisine.
Well, let me show you some pics of my “creations”… hehehehe





Furthermore, we learned how to prepare Nigiri and Gunkan.

Of course, it was a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Now we just have to keep practicing and innovate!

That’s all, folks! See you soon!! 🙂

Lots of love!!



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