I’m Gonna Make It Better

Well, I’m not sure how to start this post. On the last post, my goal was to run a lot of km, but an unfortunately “accident” on my feet, leave me out of my goal during 3 weeks. Damned! 😦

Today, I come back again. After my calf muscle injury, I’m here again. Stronger than some weeks ago.

During this break, I have been thinking a lot about this blog. Sometimes, I don’t know what to do with it. Does it have to close? Yes? No? I don’t know… And, after thinking about it, I have my verdict. This blog is a part of me, a way of escape, sometime. An obstacle, another times. But, a part of me, in short. So I decided to continue with the blog, but with some changes.

  • I’m very tired of translating every post in two different languages. I prefer to write it in English, since my goal is to improve this language. I’m sorry if you’re not agree with this decision. 😦
  • I’d like to write more about sports & vegan nutrition, and the relationship about this two concepts. I’m not a professional but I think that experience is a good way to guide other people who may have doubts. It was useful for me in the past (and it still it is).
  • I would like to express myself with pictures. I prefer images rather than words. My idea is not to leave to write, it’s just that I prefer adding more pictures. That’s all. 🙂
  • On the next days, the template will be changed. I’m trying to chose the perfect template for this new phase.

Today, I’m going to run again. I’m so excited. 

So, show must go on!! 


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