No cheats for a month!

Hello everybody!

I know… I was missing the last two weeks. Well, I was in London and Paris for a week, and the past week… yes, really… no excuses… I was lazy to update my blog. My fault!

Shortly, I’ll share with you some stuff about my week abroad, but it will be on the next weeks, ’cause this time I want to inform you about my own challenge that I have started today!. I’m very excited!

As the title says… No cheats for a month! That’s all! From today until the 31st August I’m going to eat 100% clean.


Remember: abs are made in the kitchen!! ~ I’ll try to update each meal on Instagram  with the hashtag #nocheatsforamonth in order to control my intake. As well as I’m going to post every day my intakes here, too.

Challenge anyone? Feel free to join to this challenge with me! This kind of challenges keeps my motivation in a high level, and why not, it will be a good way of starting September  – don’t wish for it, work for it! I have started today, but if you want to join, feel free to start the 1st of August!

And, as today is my first day of the challenge, here my intake!

Breakfast: I have started my day with a cinnamon oatmeal with banana and chia seeds before going to barcelona 2013 15th FINA world championship! lovely motivation!!

Mid-morning Snack: Nectarine & almonds. When you want to eat clean out the best option is bring your food with you!

Lunch: Eating out is not (always) a problem to eat clean ~ no excuses!! Big bowl of salad + Gohan bowl – Easy, isn’t it? I would have prefered a brown rice bowl – but this choice was good for me! I finished my lunch with green tea.

Mid-afternoon snack: Small riped banana.

Dinner: Homemade hummus with some veggie sticks (carrot, cucumber, celery and avocado)

No workout today so I have tried to eat less than a train-day. My body doesn’t need too much in quiet days. 🙂

Please, I accept some suggestions and advices to improve my habits.

Day #1 of my challenged completed! 🙂 


2 responses to “No cheats for a month!

  1. I’ve been on the same kick for the last week or so. Feeling great!
    Sophia 🙂

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