feel it live!


I’m better. Now, I feel better. I have to admit that recently my body doesn’t react like I would like to. I realize that when I eat some kind of food my body reacts different. I don’t know why my body reacts on this way, but body is smart and little by little I’m adapting my diet what my body needs and demand. I eat the amount and the food that suits MY body. We are different, our bodies, our brains and our inner functioning’s are different so of course we eat different amounts and types of certain foods. I’m tired of listening some comments like: “you eat small quantities”, “you need to eat more”, “you need to eat more cooked stuff”,… Well…

Listen to YOUR body and eat to suit YOU.

Breakfast: Smoothie with 3 bananas and hazelnut drink. Homemade granola. (for example, this kind of food – granola – is pretty heavy in my stomach).

As a mid-morning snack I ate a handful of cherries.

Lunch: Funky delicious salad for lunch (cherry tomatoes, corn, black beans, bell pepper, parsley, and lemon juice)

8pm. Beautiful evening for a run. Little under 6K before it started to get dark. Not my best run, but I’m very proud ’cause step by step I can detect some improvements.  It’s very hot outside, but… no excuses!! I feel SO good after a workout…!! Well, after that, I deserve a delicious meal!

Dinner: A huge bowl of tofu salad (romaine, arugula, tofu, cucumber, avocado and pepper) Sorry for the picture – the light was not the best but you can imagine how my salad looks like.

That’s all, folks! 🙂 See you tomorrow!!


One response to “feel it live!

  1. I agree!! We need to listen to our bodies and do the best for them, as they work 24 hours a day to give us health! 🙂
    Doctors think we all need the same food and the same things… Since I am vegan I have learned to listen to my body and I eat only the healthy food that my body wants, and here I am, better than ever!
    Good luck wth your challenge 😉 Besos

    PS.- Yummy dishes!! Your body must be happy… 😀

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