1st of August!

Happy 1st day of August!!

How are you today?? I’m exultant due to I’m enjoying my last workouts!

Yesterday, I didn’t have time to update the blog with what i ate, but don’t worry, here you are a little recap what my day was.

My breakfast was a cinnamon oatmeal with hazelnut milk and blueberries. Fruit as mid-morning snack. My lunch was quinoa, cherry tomatoes and steamed broccoli and carrot.










After my lunch, I went to the gym and there I did run 9K on the treadmill. Not bad, I know that step by step I’ll get my goal! 🙂 Once I finished my workout I drank a protein shake (vegan protein powder, hazelnut milk and carob powder).

After the gym, my hubby and I went to my mother-in-law’s house because she celebrated her b-day with tons of food (and not too much healthy food!!) But my will was stronger and my dinner was a big salad of mixed greens with tomatoes and a little portion of vegan foccacia (roasted vegetables).

I’m so sorry for not taking some pictures my last meals. 😦

It was my yesterday. At night I’ll post my August goals and my meals!

See you then!



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