Happy 1st year of healthy lifestyle!

Yes, one year ago I decided to go for a run in order to start a new lifestyle.

The August 7th, 2012 was the day when I decided to cut the passive lifestyle and start to eat clean. Since then, my life has changed a lot.

My weight was 62kg and I filled my body with junk food (people think that if you’re vegan you have to be skinny, but no, my friends, it’s not the rule!). I was fat and I felt bad with myself. That body wasn’t my body, not the body I wanted. So, one day – after trying different diets with no results – I decided to do some sport and eat clean. The easiest option sometimes seems like the most difficult, but really, it’s the best option!

I looked for motivation in Tumblr (it’s not a joke!). Tumblr was my starting point. I discovered that I wasn’t alone, there were a lot of people in the same situation. I spent many hours reading the workout plans of strangers, or what kind of food they ate. I logged in Myfitnesspal in order to control my daily intake and I worked out 4-5 times per week and trust me, it wasn’t anything difficult to do.

Furthermore, I started to follow some fit-girls’ profiles that kept my motivation on the highest level. Kelsey Byers, Jamie Eason, Ashely Scott (theskinnyfitgirl),… Nowadays, they still are my motivation, but now I am my main own motivation!

Months went by, and my body and mind started to change. At the beginning I used to wear a 42-size (Spanish measurements) and now, I wear a 36. My clothes fit better and it makes me feel more self-confident.

My self-confidence has grown up a lot, and I am so proud of myself.

Running was a surprise for me. I never thought that this kind of sport could change my life. Since then, I have run in several races, I have met awesome runners, I have joined at the Veggie Runners team in Spain,…

I’m very happy right now. My life has changed. And this change has been amazing! I’m all in this healthy-living lifestyle. And now, I know this is MY lifestyle.

and you know what? It’s only the beginning of my story… there’s gonna be more to live!


5 responses to “Happy 1st year of healthy lifestyle!

  1. Congratulations, dear! The most important thing is the way you feel right now, as far as it’s great and you take care of yourself; you just should keep on doing what you love 😉


  2. ¡¡Felicidades!! Me alegro muchísimo. La comida sana y el deporte son mano de santo. Que cierto es que la opción más fácil a veces parece la más difícil, pero es la correcta!! ¡¡Un abrazo fuerte!!

  3. Healthy diet and lifestyle is very important to have a healthy and longer life. It is necessary to choose the right food to eat as it is the main reason why we can become healthy or not. We should always drink water to rehydrate, as our body is composed of almost water.

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