Run | Cursa Festa Major Sabadell 2013


As I said in my last post, today it could be a good day, and it was! 🙂 This morning some races took place near my town and a few weeks ago I decided to enroll on a 7K race to prepare the race will run next week.

It had no reason to be nervous. It was just a prep race“, I told myself … But this morning, before the race, I was nervous. All races are important. And it was. 🙂

Once the shot rang out, took me almost 2 minutes to start running and during this time I tried to visualize the entire race. I knew well the route and it was a plus for me. I started running at a very good pace, just how I had been training days ago. The first 3.5 K were down and I carried it very well. The last few miles were uphill. I went down the pace a bit, but trying not to lose time. Every second was important. Gradually, were spending the last kms and when I realized I had come to the last meters. I did a little sprint and finished the race.
I could not believe what I saw on the watch! I improved my mark on almost 5 minutes!

Another step in my own run. I am getting my goals and this makes my motivation is at the highest level.

Here, I share with you a picture I took at the end of the race. You can see my smile … my smile says: I got it!


And now is the time to focus on the next race.  Only 7 days and I can not wait!

See you soon!! 🙂


4 responses to “Run | Cursa Festa Major Sabadell 2013

  1. Ahora te tocará descansar y hacer recuperación esta semana. Como han sido 7km deberías tener tiempo de recuperar bien incluso si hoy te has pasado un poco.

    A ver cómo sale la mercè y si se puede coger ritmo bien desde el principio…

    • Sí, esta semana quizás haga alguna tirada corta y sin forzar demasiado. Quiero estar al 100% para la Mercè.
      La verdad es que hoy me he encontrado muy bien, muy cómoda, con la sensación de ir controlando en todo momento.

      • Yo estube en Matadepera la semana pasada. La verdad es que es un poco bestiaja la carrera pero cambias de ambiente, hay mucha menos gente y se puede correr mejor siendo más agradecida; además te da una semana más de recuperación (y suerte de ella… Desnivel positivo de los 10km de 130mts)

  2. Yo estube en Matadepera la semana pasada. La verdad es que es bastante bestiaja la carrera que montan pero se corre bien al haber mucha menos gente, cambias de ambiente, es más agradecida y te da una semana más de recuperación (Suerte de eso… porque el desnivel hacia arriba del 10k es de 130mts)

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