Run | Cursa de la Mercè’13

Hello everybody!

I’m here again. As I told you lately, Sunday was the first important race for me. My goal was to finish that race in less than an hour. I had been training during the last weeks in order to get it. And, I did it!

There was a lot of people, almost 17000 runners! Cursa de la Mercè proposes a 10 km circuit which passes through some of the most emblematic of Barcelona on a route that is already a classic of this race with more than three decades of tradition.

At the beginning I was a little nervous since I wanted to get my goal. I was focused on the race, trying to monitor in my mind every stretch of the race and above all, trying to enjoy it! On the first km I had a good, comfortable pace; a little bit worse in the km.2, but after that, my pace was improving and I felt myself more confident. The last km was difficult ’cause it was uphill but I tried to maintain the pace.

Finally, I crossed the finish line in 59:11. Well, I know… it could be better, but I achieved my goal! I’m aware I still have a lot to do but I can and I will! Now, I’m totally motivated to continue my training. My brother also ran this race, and he achieved a better time (51min.)! congratulations to him!

It was the first time I wore the Veggie Runners shirt (as you can see in the picture above). It was very comfortable and  I love it!

And more news, I have signed in for another race in November (you can see the countdown on the side bar). On the following posts I’ll explain more about this race.

See you soon & have fun!! 🙂


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