A new discovery in Rome: Universo Vegano


Three weeks ago I was in Rome, spending a beautiful time with my hubby and enjoying our holidays. And, a week ago we started again to work. 😦 It is the worst part).

Our stay in Rome was amazing. The city is full of history and we enjoyed a lot walking through streets. It’s possible that any of you were in Rome before, so I am not going to explain lots of things of the city. The only thing I want to share with you is a discovery I made there. 🙂

While we were walking through Trastevere, we found a vegan place to have lunch. Universo Vegano. We were hungry and this place was our light! hehehe


Universo Vegano is a small place, but very comfortable. The girl who attended to us was very nice with us and the food was delicious. It’s a fast food place where you can enjoy several options and the price is good. Thumbs up.


My hubby isn’t vegan and he loved his piadina filled with vegan sauce, tofu’s frankfurt, and veggies. My choice was an eco sandwich (whole rye bread) with a lentil burger and full of sprouts, vegan cheese and vegan iogurt sauce.


They have vegan drinks, too.

Before leaving the restaurant, we contributed with a little amount of money for an animal shelter that was displayed there. The surprise was that the waiter gave to us a piece of vegan cake as a present! They were so cute! ❤


They are full of love!

Universo Vegano donates part of the proceeds for the benefit of charitable projects and Sustainability, in collaboration with renowned associations around the world.

And, a curious note; on October 2, 2013, on the occasion of the International Day of Non-Violence, they had developed together with friends from LAV a vegan sandwich of gigantic dimensions: 4 feet long and 50 inches wide, the largest ever built in the world!

The sandwich “extra-size” had been prepared with panella of chickpeas, seitan “tuna sauce”, strips of soy and lupine, all an excellent source of vegetable protein.

Did you know this restaurant? Have you ever been there?

Universo Vegano (Trastevere area) – Piazza Santa Rufina, 6-00153 Roma


Stay tuned! Last Sunday I ran another 10K race and…  🙂


One response to “A new discovery in Rome: Universo Vegano

  1. Nice place!! Food looks really good! I haven’t been in Rome before, but I am looking forward to!

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