Sobre jo

Behind Vegan Goddess hides Sika. NewVeganGoddess is just a small part of my vegan life , just try to live my life more happy and healthy and at the same time I try to take care of Mother Earth.

This blog is just a collection of stories, recipes, some modest of advice or just a place to visit no more. I try to share many recipes, a fashion and beauty tips, easy ways that I believe can help the planet. So I hope you to be comfortable with my favorite foods, recipes, nutritional information, restaurants, the travel discoveries, life in general ..

I wish this website would be a fantastic resource for those who want to go into more depply into the world of health, green living and being environmentally friendly. I would like to become a place to get valuable information and find resources to help all aspects of life as a kind of effort, not just the food you eat (although it is fun). I’ll post tons of photos, blogs and videos detailing all the things in my life that have helped me be kinder to the planet. My goal here is to share everything I learned on my journey to veganism, and I want everyone to share their experiences with me.

If you want to contact me, you can do it here newvegangoddess (a)



9 responses to “Sobre jo

  1. I’m giving you the Liebster award!!! Check out my post here:


  2. I love your blog! GO VEGAN!!!

  3. Hi, there! Just discovered your blog today!! It’s so cute & lovely ❤
    Nice to meet you!

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